STYLE ICON Profile Series

I’ve decided to profile some of my style inspirations! Holding true to my Gemini sign, I have so many facets to my personality, so many sides which can often contradict each other. What I like about it is that because I find inspiration in so many places, I like to make connections that result in something unique.

I actually used to be goth in high school, believe or not! I was all about the black, long skirts, corsets, rubber bracelets and studded cuffs! It was a fun time, although looking back I turn all shades of scarlet lol. Now, I think of my style as an intersection between ultra-feminine, classic, comfortable, tom boy, etc, etc :) Isn’t it funny how we grow? I think we always hold a bit of who we once were as we continue to evolve.

Anyways, here’s the point of the post! I’d like to make a Style Icon series of influencers of all backgrounds and styles. People who are doing their thaaang and really making their mark.

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Weekend Christmas Tree and Craft Fair Visit <3

Merry Xmas

I’m going to admit, I have not been feeling festive this year. Not sure what it is, maybe things are just different in Canada, but seeing all the Xmas festivities already sparking up the Internet since mid-November had me feeling a teensy bit confused(??)

THANKFULLY! That all changed this past weekend when my family and I hit up the local tree farm and craft fair. It’s not an ordinary tree farm in that its a massive farm housing the most spectacular display of decorated Christmas Trees, thousands of potted flowers, poinsettias, and EVERYTHING festive. The avalanche of snow glitter, the twinkling lights, and whiffs of baked heaven got me feeling a little giddy inside :) I also remembered this will be my little one’s very first Xmas and thought of how sweet it will be to remember this for her one day.Read more »

~ Polished For Fall and All ~

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Fall reminds me of warmth, which is contrary as the season’s weather cools, but as the beautiful shades of reds, oranges, browns and yellows livens up, I can’t help but get warm and fuzzy inside 😉 Here are some polishes that compliment that warmth:

1. Dancing Nails 835 – Sinful Colors
Read more »

Dear Past Me: A Letter from the Future, Written in the Present

November 11&12, 2015 By: Perla.Girl

It’s 11:54 pm, but it feels like 12:54am because of the recent time change. Your baby is sleeping in the bed behind you. You are constantly thinking about the future and where you (desperately) want to go. You think about how time is changing and you feel like you’re on the brink of something. That’s why you just jumped out of bed and onto the laptop you spend so much of your time on.Read more »

Finding Worth in Failed Relationships

My relationships have taught me, more than anything else, about my self-worth through a series of smack-in-the-face-wake-up-already-dumbass experiences. I guess that’s what I get for having my Saturn in Capricorn, Read more »

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