18 / 12 / 2015

Mid-December Faves

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (Finally!) The tree has gone up, the snow is coming down, the lights and stockings hung and presents wrapped! There’s so such winter-wonderful going on that I can’t wait until the end of December to share! So here they are :)


Hannah Mggs Pic
Hannah Maggs
http://www.hannahmaggs.co.uk/Hannah has an incredible writing style! There is such an ease about her that you’d think you were reading a letter from a dear old friend! Not only do I appreciate her entrepreneurial spirit, but she is a mommy to a little boy, juggling life as a working mother. What I love about Hannah is her raw honesty of the new mom experience (something I can relate to) and not about the impossible advice some mommy bloggers have a way of throwing about. She also daily vlogs with her husband, Stef – and I will say, their YouTube videos are like visual poetry! You need to check out The Michalaks Vlogmas videos HERE!

Sam M pic
Sammi Maria
http://www.samanthamariaofficial.com/ Formerly BeautyCrush, Samantha is a fashion blogger who creates gorgeous outfits and takes the most classiest street-style photographs I have ever seen! As a long time follower, it’s been amazing to see how her style has developed into something so sophisticated yet youthful and modern. I love everything about this chick’s lifestyle, from where she shops to the places she eats (can she just send me her life in a parcel? Thank you!) She and her boyfriend Jason are also doing Vlogmas, of which I am beyond stoked! You can check out her main channel HERE and their vlogging channel HERE!
They also own a clothing brand called Novem and Knight which has some very classic pieces.

AMANDA H thmbnail
https://www.youtube.com/user/MsAmandaHendrick Amanda is a Scottish model new to YouTube! I absolutely adore her unassuming nature and her funny-when-she-doesn’t-mean-to-be moments. I can relate to her easy-going attitude and even though she thinks her vlogs may be uneventful I still like hear the ins and outs! I find her so watchable! Not to mention she is vegan which is a plus in my books :) Check this beauty out!


Ever since I had my little one 7 months ago, not gonna lie, I have been something you can call -haggard-, to put it mildly. I’ve made a commitment to doing my make up and looking half decent, which is hard with an infant whose schedule seems to change everyday. BUT! I have found some items that I can throw on that bring back that healthy glow and well-slept look:

DF Elf Close

DF MU Close

DF Stila Closeup


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 210
– I’ve had trouble finding foundations that match my skin since I can remember. This has got to be the closest I’ve ever gotten!
Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium
– I mostly use the dark brown soft wax for filling in, I find it blendable and easy to use. It lasts all day!
Stila Convertible Colour in Peony (for lips and cheeks)
– Used on the cheeks, it brings a natural looking warmth to the face. It’s also pretty when paired on the lips!
Pacifica Powerful Colour Natural Lipstick in Tender Heart
– I just started using this under the Stila Peony. So far the wear time isnt great, but its such a subtle shade that I don’t mind too much. It brings a pretty depth to the lips.
Benefit Highlighter in Girl Meets Pearl
This has got to be my favourite liquid highlighter. Its a pale pinky shade with gold and silver flecks. Its not too warm and not too cool! Brings the whole face together <3

DF Pacifica Close



I LOVE the trends that winter brings and while browsing during the Old Navy 60% OFF Sale I found some amazing finds! Since having the baby I’ve had to be picky on what I buy and wear (I’m so not used to this weight gain and can’t wait to burn it all off, like a mad woman!) but with a white tank top underneath this Caramel Sweater just sits on all the right places! The boots also compliment the look when worn with slim black jeggings which bring length back to the figure.

Today, while at the gas station I got a compliment that echoed my exact thoughts…. *Cue Scene*

Creepy Old Man – (Stares intensely) “… Those are some nice boots you have. Are they new?”
Me – (Determined not to pay too much attention) “Yeup.”
Creepy Old Man – “They look snazzy. Make your legs look nice.”
Me – (Dead Silence. Eyes roll to back of head in utter nausea.)

Recalling that will make me barf for years to come, I’m sure of it! MOVING ON! Just look at the pretty picture and it will all go away!


On the accessories front, I have these beauties that take the whole outfit levels up! I’ve swooned over rose gold ever since it was a thing <3 I found this cuff a few years back during a trip to Victoria, British Columbia in a little Vivid Jewelry Boutique. The belt was a recycled find at my local second-hand clothing store (one of my favourite hobbies!)

DF Cuff Closeup

I added more rosiness with my favourite pink pearl earrings, and followed the precious stone look with the Opal and Diamond ring my mom gifted me in the summer. The change wallet was another find at Old Navy :)

ACCESS Close up


Yes, I am ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who loves collecting crystals. For the skeptics out there, ok they may or may not work for their life-enhancing benefits but they look beautiful and that makes me happy, SO IN A SENSE IT DOES WORK OK?? OK :) Here is this White Jade which I intend on putting onto my keychain and loving up for eternity and the lifetimes following :p

On to the next thing: Since having baby Nailah, my skin has reverted to my awkward high school years and has been giving me a really difficult time. Thankfully I went to my doctor the other day and she’s helped out :) However, I am left with scars that I have the absolute pleasure of dealing with *coff-coff-sarcasm* I learned a few years ago, perhaps the most magical secret to fading scars fast as opposed to leaving them untreated. The secret? Rosehip Seed Oil, found in this ALEVA ALEVOIL formula which works as a serum and seems to be doing wonders for the discolouration!


And last but definitely not least: I found another item to collect (and horde!) as I have fallen head over heels for tea cups! Even though I do prefer coffee to tea, its not a sin to drink my brown Elixir of Life from a pretty little tea cup, is it? This gorgeous cup and saucer just brightens up my day 1,000,000 fold because it is just so darn beautiful! I found it while X-mas gift shopping (I ALWAYS end up finding more things for myself than other people, darn it. Don’t tell me I’m the only one!) It’s the GOLDIE by ROBERT GORDON set I found in the department store, Winners.




ANYWAYS! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I know its a long one! Let me know if your tastes agree and you see anything you like! Are you a collector of items like me?

Love, as Always,




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