03 / 12 / 2015

STYLE ICON: Dita Von Teese



Style Key Words: Mystique, Sexy, Pin Up, Vintage, Voluptuous, Classic, Old Hollywood, Make up, Burlesque, Lingerie


Signatures: Red Lips, 1940’s Glamorous Waves, Jet Black Hair, Pale skin, Feminine Detailing


The Inspiration Behind the Look:

“Art” of being a Woman

Old Hollywood starlets


On Dita:
She teeters the line of playful voyeurism with her dazzling exhibits of the feminine form. I love Dita for her outlook on the creation of beauty by encouraging us to see that which makes us weird, odd or strange is what makes us unique and gorgeous.
The idea of embracing our flaws and transforming them into something which makes us stand out is so on-point with a concept that I strongly hold dear: that those of us who have been the black sheep carry the seeds to becoming the most elegant in our own right. I find that the awkward and strange girls (and boys!), who need the most time to grow into themselves, often become the most refined pearls of the bunch. And that is exactly what Dita teaches: refining our selves not to become the cookie cutter, splitting images of each other or what we see on the television, but to become the most unique beauties we can be.


What I also love about Dita is that she treats the make up and transformation process as an art form to be proud of. She swims against the societal current of being told to feel insecure for not naturally living up to the unrealistic beauty standards placed upon us. Instead, she tosses it aside to encourage us to find and embrace what makes us feel beautiful <3


Beauty is not about comparison! You should not feel ashamed for whatever choices you make in your routine, so explore! Try that bold eye, that vivid lipstick, or that the strong brow. The makeup washes off at the end of the day 😉 I hope we all grow into feeling comfortable being our own true and unique selves. I love the thought of creating our own definitions of beauty and living it out for the world to see.

~ What a wonderful, colourful world we live in! ~

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|| Interview: Oh, Dita! Bello mag

|| Dita’s Books:
Your Beauty Mark, Dec. 1, 2015
Burlesque and the Art of the Teese, 2006

|| Dita’s Lingerie: Divine Dita

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